Crews Remove Derailed CTA Train Cars

CTA hopes to reopen the Blue Line station at O'Hare this weekend

The Chicago Transit Authority has removed the smashed Blue Line cars involved in Monday's derailment at O'Hare International Airport.

CTA officials hope to reopen the station by the weekend, but crews must first assess damage to the platform, stairs and escalators before determining if it's safe to reopen.

The eight-car train jumped the tracks and landed on the stairs and escalators leading to the airport terminals just before 3 a.m. Monday. The crash left 32 people injured, and three passengers have since filed lawsuits against the CTA.

The National Transportation Safety Board estimates the crash caused about $6 million in equipment damage.

The NTSB said the operator admitted to dozing off at the controls as the train pulled into the station.

"She did not awake again until the train hit close to the end of the bumper," investigator-in-charge Ted Turpin said.

Shuttle buses remain in place from the Rosemont Blue Line station to O'Hare.

Riders on the shuttles said they think the crash means more eyes on public transportation safety.

"I think they'll be more in tune to potential problems," shuttle passenger Elaine Price said, "and the discovery of what actually happened will be a benefit."

"I believe once they mess up something, they can truly fix it so it doesn't happen again," Wesley Ferguson said.

"My feathers might be a little ruffled, but I still have faith in it," Justin Ickes said.

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