Craig Robinson Is the Anti-Christ in “Rapturepalooza”

Craig Robinson has finally landed a lead role, playing the very personification of evil in a comedic war over a food cart.

Robinson is set to star as the Anti-Christ in "Rapturepalooza," reported Variety. Set in a post-rapture world where half of humanity has already ascended to Heaven. Those remaining on Earth are left to contend with blood rain and the like.

Making matters worse for one young couple, Ben and Lindsey, is the fact that while their trying to get their sandwich cart up and running again, the Anti-Christ (Robinson) has taken a shine to Lindsey.

Yeah, it sounds dumb, but it was written by Chris Matheson, the man who gave us "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and it stars Robinson, a man with a gift for getting every laugh available out of a line. Who else could've made the line "It must be some kind of 'Hot Tub Time Machine'" funny?.

The film is part of Lionsgate's new micro-budget strategy. They hope to make 10 films that cost $2 million or less. Also in the works are the former Blacklist script "Gay Dude," about two high school friends who vow to lose their virginity before graduation, but things get weird when one of them comes out to the other. It was written by Parks & Recreation" scribe Alan Yang.

And then there's "6 Miranda Drive," about a family who accidentally brings home from vacation a supernatural force.

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