Cowboys Fan's Revenge After Text Message Breakup

Don't break up with someone over text. Or during Christmas.

One Cowboys fan learned this the hard way, and it has all played out on social media thanks to his former fiancee.

Clanton told NBC DFW's partners at The Dallas Morning News she received the text message while working as a hairstylist in Austin this past October.

"I decided to have some fun with it," Clanton told The DMN. "This was my little get-back to him."

"My fiance dumped me in a text message," Brenna Clanton wrote on a sign at the Cowboys' home game against the Detroit Lions Monday night. "He should have waited until after Christmas."

NBC 5 photojournalist Noah Bullard even spotted her sign in the crowd:

Brenna Clanton’s sign at the Cowboys’ home game against the Detroit Lions Monday night has gotten all sorts of attention on social media.

The sign caught the attention of Alex McDaniel, an editor at the Oxford Eagle, who noted that Clanton's ex was missing out on his Christmas present.

"Her fiance dumped her VIA TEXT before finding out she bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas," McDaniel tweeted, along with a picture of Clanton and her sign. "She's doing fine."

By Tuesday morning, the tweet had already made the rounds on hundreds of social media feeds, with plenty of strong reactions.

Just to make the revenge that much sweeter, Brenna posted a thank you to McDaniel on Instagram, saying, "@alexmcdaniel YOU are so amazing! I cannot thank you enough for how much your kind words mean to me!"

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The Dallas Cowboys won against the Detroit Lions 42-21.

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