Courier, Microsoft’s Secret Tablet Revealed

Bill Gates & Co. would rather you call new device a "booklet"

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For the past few months there's been heavy speculation that Apple's next mega-launch will be a tablet. So far, so vaporware.

But now it seems that Microsoft has stolen a march on the Cupertino clan with Courier, a two-screen booklet that is breathtakingly beautiful. You can flick, write and draw on the multi-touch screens using your fingers as well as a stylus. There's a camera embedded in the back cover, and there's a home button located in the space between both screens.

As for a date when mere mortals like us can get our paws on the Courier, well, that's for the super-secretive Microsoft execs to decide on. The assumption is that the user experience is still being developed and shown to outside agencies. For the moment you'll have to satisfy yourselves by watching the video, as well as the gallery on

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