Ted Cruz Sweeps Delegates at Colorado Convention

Republican candidates need 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination while Democrats need 2,383

Ted Cruz has completed a clean sweep of Colorado delegates to the Republican National Convention by picking up 13 delegates, NBC News reports.

Cruz ran the table at the Colorado Republican convention on Saturday in Colorado Springs. He had won all 21 delegates up for grabs at assemblies in the state's seven congressional districts during the week. Saturday's victory gives him a total of 34 delegates in the state.

The front-runner for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump, was late organizing in the state. While shut out of delegates, he did win seven alternate delegates on Saturday. Trump's organizers distributed a slate of names that listed incorrect information for three of his candidates.

Bernie Sanders won Wyoming's Democratic caucuses, adding another state to his victory total in his race for the nomination against front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to NBC News projections.

The Vermont senator swept a majority of the state convention delegates elected at 23 county caucuses on Saturday. Wyoming awards just 14 of the state's 18 convention delegates at stake.

Sanders passed the news on to supporters after his wife interrupted him during a campaign rally in New York City Saturday.

"We just won Wyoming,” Sanders said to cheers. “We appreciate and thank the people of Wyoming so much for their support."

Clinton's campaign congratulated Sanders on "a spirited campaign in Wyoming," but pointed out she was still leading in the race.

"Hillary is winning the popular vote by almost 2.4 million and has a nearly insurmountable lead in pledged delegates that will become harder and harder to overcome after each contest," Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement.

Sanders is coming off a victory over Clinton in Wisconsin on Tuesday, his eighth win in the last nine contests. But the former secretary of state still leads the race with 1,756 delegates to Sanders' 1,068.

Her edge over Sanders is even greater when you count the party insiders who are known as superdelegates. 

Sanders has dominated in states where Democrats make their presidential preference choice in a caucus — but there are only a few caucuses left on the election calendar.

The state is overwhelmingly Republican: More than 140,000 residents are registered with the GOP, compared with about 41,000 registered Democrats.

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