2021 Hurricane Season

Colorado State Researchers Predict Above-Average 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The forecast for 2021 calls for an active season, with 17 named tropical storms, 8 of them possibly becoming hurricanes

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Researchers are predicting an "above-average" 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, with 17 named storms and eight hurricanes.

Of those eight hurricanes, four are expected to be major, according to the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project.

Colorado State Univeristy
Colorado State University's 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season predictions

Dr. Philip Klotzbach, hurricane specialist at CSU, presented the forecast Thursday during the National Tropical Weather Conference.

Klotzbach said the primary reason for the above-average forecast is based on a predicted lack of El Niño and a warmer-than-normal subtropical Atlantic Ocean.

NBC 6's Angie Lassman takes a look at the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast from Colorado State University.

The hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30.

An average hurricane season generally produces 12 named storms and six hurricanes.

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season was record-breaking, with 30 named storms and 13 hurricanes, including six major hurricanes.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season broke records, including the total number of named storms. See what else separated 2020 from other years.

The 2020 season was only the second time the Greek alphabet was utilized to complete a season.

The U.S.’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is expected to release their forecast in May.

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