Christian “Full House” Star's Naughty Atheist Love on “Make It Or Break It”

"Full House" star Candace Cameron Bure is well known for her real-life Christian values which have carried over to her character in her latest show, the ABC Family hit "Make It or Break It."

But PopcornBiz was a little surprised to see that Bure's character, Summer Van Horne, has started a relationship with the hard-nosed gymnastic coach at the center of the show's drama.

Shockingly, coach Sasha Beloff (Neil Jackson) is an atheist! An atheist and a devout Christian is the kind of spice you'll find on ABC Family as it steams into its second season.

"The relationship probably wouldn't start for me in the first place," Bure tells PopcornBiz. "But a lot of time emotions take over and you try to make it work. The heart pulls at you."

She does give her character Summer credit in trying to make it work despite their differing outlooks. "I think she is doing a good job navigating these waters," says Bure. "It's kind of fun. They are very attracted to each other but they don't share the same values."

The show's drama -- both through gymnastics and after the gym closes -- is pulling the viewers as it often outdraws the CW's "Gossip Girls." Now that's a show which knows how to put together a saucy scandal or two.

The 34-year-old Bure has never looked better and is clearly loving the work on the growing hit. While she's happily married to fellow Christian and former NHL stud Valeri Bure in real life with three children, she's definitely getting around on the show (all things being relative).

Sasha is Summer's second relationship. She had been engaged to one of the gymnast's father on the show, but broke it off.

"For someone who is saving herself for marriage Summer is certainly working her way through," laughs Bure. Not that it gets too crazy. "I play a Christian. And she's very much a moral voice on the show."


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