‘Never Stop Dreaming': Viral Video Shows Chicago Teen Reading Harvard Acceptance Letter

"Hopefully my story can inspire others to never stop dreaming," Amado Candelario told NBC 5

Amado Candelario, 17, a senior at Solorio High School in the Gage Park neighborhood of Chicago, learned last week that a dream of studying at Harvard had come true.

And he captured his emotional reaction in a video that has gone viral.

The young man posted the video on his Facebook page in which he appears with a Harvard shirt, visibly distressed, just before entering the admissions portal of the prestigious house of studies.

Before proceeding, he is heard saying that he can not open the portal because he feels that he is going to cry and considers the possibility that he has been rejected.

His cousin tells him not to worry because many students are rejected, and he motivates Candelario to open the portal.

Candelario arms himself with courage, opens the portal and ... emotion overwhelms him when he realizes that in his future he is in the famous Harvard University.

Then his cousin embraces him and congratulates him also with tears of joy.

"Hopefully my story can inspire others to never stop dreaming," Calendar told NBC 5. 

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