Chicago Rescue Takes in 85-Pound Beagle: “We Were Stunned”

The shelter named the dog Kale Chips, “because that’s pretty much what his future looks like"

Kale chips may be the only food this 85-pound beagle eats for a while.

The extremely obese beagle was rescued earlier this week by local animal rescue One Tail at a Time after he was surrendered to Chicago Animal Care and Control. The rescue said the poor animal “became urgent as soon as he came in” because he could hardly walk.

“He had to be wheeled out in a wagon,” the shelter said in a Facebook post.

The dog was taken to a vet to be checked out, where he weighed in at a whopping 85 pounds.

“Everyone was stunned,” said Heather Owen, President of the Board of Directors for the rescue. “When we weighed him and saw 85, all the vet techs and the vets all came out.”

The shelter named the dog Kale Chips, “because that’s pretty much what his future looks like.”

“We’ve slimmed down dogs almost as big as this, so we’re up to the challenge,” the shelter said in the post.

Rescuers said Kale Chips still has “a long road ahead” but they hope to help him recover.

“There’s definitely hope,” Owen said.

Owen said the shelter plans to put Kale Chips on what they call a “green bean diet,” where they reduce his dog food and replace it with green beans and other healthy greens.

“We’ll put some kale in there for sure,” she said.

Owen said rescuers only know that Kale Chips’ owner was elderly, but they believe that something may have prevented his owner from being able to walk him.

“My assumption is that the owner couldn’t walk him for quite some time, fed him too much and without exercise over time he got to be that size,” she said.

Owen estimated that a typical beagle weighs in at 20 to 30 pounds, but noted that Kale Chips could be mixed with another breed that may make him larger.

The shelter asked for help fostering Kale Chips until blood tests are completed and he is put on a new health plan. At that point, he will be eligible for adoption.

“He’s awesome. He loves people, he doesn’t seem like depressed or anything like that,” Owen said. “He’s just a happy guy.”

Those looking to donate for Kale Chips’ care or apply to foster or adopt can visit One Tail at a Time’s website.

(H/t Huffington Post Chicago)

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