Chicago Could See Fewest Murders Since 1965: Cops

Chicago has seen fewer murders so far this year than any year since 1965, officials said.

The city finished November down 25 percent in shootings, 20 percent in murders and 15 percent in overall crime compared to the same time last year, according to Director of News Affairs Adam Collins.

Chicago’s top cop Superintendent Garry McCarthy calls the month “one of the best [Chicago] has had.”

There were 70 fewer shootings and nine fewer murders in November this year than 2012. There have been 1,712 people shot so far this year.

Chicago Police recovered 435 illegal guns in November, and have recovered 6,372 illegal guns so far this year.

“We know that last year was not a good year,” McCarthy said. “But if you look at these numbers historically, 2011 was the best year that we’ve had since 1965. We’ve got more than 450 less shooting victims in comparison to 2011...We’re getting close to finishing the calendar year and we’re making a lot of progress.”

The announcement comes after a Thanksgiving holiday weekend that left at least two people dead and 18 others wounded.

“The strategy is going to be to continue doing what we’re doing , which is refining and getting better on a daily basis preventing that next shooting,” McCarthy said. “You prevent shootings, you lower the murder rate. It’s that simple.”

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