Chelsea Handling a Role in “Means War”

With her first major studio role already under her belt, Chelsea Handler has lined up another part, this one opposite some serious star wattage.

Handler will play Reese Witherspoon's bestie in "This Means War," reported Deadline. The film is an actioner-romcom in which Witherspoon is fought over by a pair of CIA agents, played by Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, with disastrous results for New York City.

Witherspoon's a pro, we have a shameless man0crush on Hardy, Pine was awesome as Kirk in "Star Trek" and Handler seems wisely cast as the (presumably sassy/horn-doggy/raunchy) best friend. But we have a few of well documented concerns:

  • The presence of McG behind the camera: Which McG will show up? The one who made the good-for-what-it-was "Charlie's Angels"? Or the guy who made hash of "Terminator: Salvation"?
  • Why does this film keep losing stars? Hardy's role has already been given to and left by Bradley Cooper and Sam Worthington--and Worthington says yes to everything. Oh, and Colin Farrell said no to it, too.
  • This script has been kicking around for so long and has gone through so many changes that at one point Martin Lawrence was supposed to star in it.

Fingers crossed...

Earlier this year Handler filmed "Hop," opposite Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny, who, after having been hit by a car, needs help saving everyone's favorite fertility ritual. It's due out April 14, 2011, just 10 days before Easter, conveniently enough.

It's been quite a ride for Handler who's gone from struggling stand-up comedian to talk-show host to best-selling author (three times over) to subject of a sex-tape scandal to alleged squeeze of 50 Cent to movie star. Nicely done Ms. Handler.

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