Cheers to DC! Drink Up in the Capital City

DC is definitely a cocktail town - one that's big on local and housemade ingredients with lots of traditional aesthetic.  Here's a list of some drinks (and places) you won't want to miss in the capital city.
America Eats Tavern's "Moscow Mule" and "Suffering Bastard"
Lead Bartender Owen Thompson whets the palette when it comes to ginger zingers.  First, with the "Moscow Mule" - an American favorite and a drink found across the country. Vodka is usually my liquor-of-choice so with the lime and ginger beer, and served in it's signature copper mug, the drink came together perfectly and made for a very well rounded drink.  I tried a few at other places through the city, but if you want a Moscow Mule, this is your place.  To continue on the ginger fix, Owen went off-menu with the "Suffering Bastard"-a drink that he tells me was invented during WW2 for hungover troops of the british army.  A drink that includes gin, bourbon, lime, angostura bitters, and ginger beer - it's a tasty one to sip throughout the night. America Eats Tavern 405 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004 / 202-393-0812
Ping Pong "Spicy Mango Tree"
With all-day, all-night dim sum, you've gotta have some drinks!  And here at Ping Pong, cocktails are creatively inventive and completely inspired by the flavors of Asia.  One of my favorite summer treats are mango-chili ice pops, so the "Spicy Mango Tree" definitely caught my eye.  This cocktail gives you a little sweet and a little spice to turn a fruity cocktail much more exciting.  The flavors of mangoes, vanilla-chili sugar, fireball whiskey and single estate rum topped with a cassia were really rewarding, but honestly one look at any of Ping Pong's cocktails, you know you're in for an exotic treat. Ping Pong 1 Dupont Circle NW, Washington, DC 20036 / 202-293-1268
Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address"
Square One Botanical, Veev Açaí, beet puree, ginger, lemon…not your typical ingredient list when it comes to cocktails.  But this was what made this drink such an incredible surprise.  One sip takes you on a ride with its earthy undertones, floral scent, and refreshing crisp bite.  It's beauty was evident just in the pure color of the drink, but then with its rich and intoxicating flavors - it's a cocktail that peaks all the senses. Lincoln 1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005 / 202-386-9200
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