Charlize Theron Hosts “SNL,” Barbara Walters Strikes Back on “Weekend Update”

Actress Charlize Theron returned as host, and Barbara Walters came to offer some anchor advice.

Actress Charlize Theron was back on the “Saturday Night Live” stage as host, along with Barbara Walters who shared some wisdom on “Weekend Update.”  

Returning for the first time since 2000, Theron said, “I had so much fun I waited 14 years to come back,” and continued to tell a story about how she planned to sing in a sketch the first time she hosted.

“I started noticing that during the rehearsals the part that I sang kept getting smaller and smaller,” she said, and soon realized that the “SNL” crew knew she couldn’t sing. “Here I am 14 years later, I know I’m not perfect and I know I can’t sing so I thought we could sing a song about that.”

Cast members Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, and Kenan Thompson performed a muscial number with lyrics that took a jab at Theron's inability to sing.

“She’s great at every other thing,” they sang in unison, describing her acting, charity work and ballet dancing.

Later, “Weekend Update” paid tribute to Barbara Walters, who shared some news anchor advice.

To introduce the TV legend, the “Update” rolled footage of Walters’ past spoofed appearances on “SNL.”

“What an honor it was to see my groundbreaking career in journalism reduced to a cartoon character with a ridiculous voice,” said Walters, who is set to retire from on-air work on May 16.

“I’m sorry," Strong said. "We’re huge fans, and you’ve always been a personal inspiration to me as a news anchor.” 

“Well I’m a real news anchor,” said Walters. “Cecily, I’m a serious person, I’m not some fake anchor like you or Colin.”

“Oh, but you’re a co-host on "The View,"” retorted Strong.

“That’s a fair point,” she admitted.

Strong noted that Walters will be retiring after 50 years as a news anchor and as a co-host on “The View,” and asked her if she had any advice for news anchors.

Walters discussed her tone of voice, asking tough questions and how there’s optimal viewership when celebrities cry.

“Nothing brings in the viewers like seeing a celebrity reduced to tears. You may be thinking ‘oh I feel really bad,’ but all I’m thinking is 'ca-ching'” Walters explained.

In SNL's cold open scene Hillary Clinton (Vanessa Bayer) and Michelle Obama (Sasheer Zamata) addressed the country in celebration of Mother’s Day.

“Both of us have been called so many things,” said Clinton, “But it’s nice to have one day where the first thing that we’re called is 'Mom.'”

Talking about Mother’s Day plans, Obama said, “My family has already started with the presents,” as she held up a mug that read, “Mother of the Year.”

Clinton quickly responded with “And I have not yet decided if I’m going to run for Mother of the Year.”

Both pleasant at first, they embraced their roles as moms but their conversation quickly turned into a competition of their past and present policies.

Rock duo The Black Keys performed their songs “Fever” and “Bullet in the Brain.”

Next week for "SNL's" season finale, Andy Samberg will host with musical guest St. Vincent.

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