Charlie Sheen Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with Appearance, Kiss

The man knows how to make an entrance.

With entrepreneur Mark Cuban playing set-up man, Charlie Sheen all but took over Jimmy Kimmel's show last night with a surprise appearance.

Just as Cuban began discussing the proposed HDNet show he's developing with Sheen - and lauding the actor's intelligence - Sheen himself burst onto the stage in a hail of free T-shirts and hastily-bleeped expletives.

He then planted a liplock on the surprised Kimmel.

Sheen also presented Kimmel with a coffee mug featuring a cartoon fox. When Kimmel asked the significance of the animal, Sheen told him to "figure it out."

Rumor has it, Sheen is in talks with the Fox network for a talk show.

This whirlwind media assault comes as rumors are swirling that CBS may be willing to reconcile with the troubled star in order to get "Two and a Half Men" back on the air.

As quickly as he arrived, Sheen bolted Kimmel for parts unknown.

A quick clip of the appearance...

Sheen's jovial mood might have something to do with word that estranged wife Brooke Mueller will not be extending the restraining order she's had against Sheen since March 1st (and which expires today).

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