Jimmy Fallon & Jim Parsons Team Up Against Wiz Khalifa & Miles Teller in Catchphrase

Jimmy Fallon and Jim Parsons teamed up against Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa for an epic game of Catchphrase.

Parsons stopped by “The Tonight Show” Monday to talk about his new animated movie “Home” in which the “Big Bang Theory” actor stars alongside Rihanna and funnyman Steve Martin.

With the game requiring four players, Fallon brought out “Insurgent” star Miles Teller, and musical guest, rapper Wiz Khalifa, to play as opponents.

Catchphrase, a game that combines elements of Charades and Taboo, is played by setting a timer on the buzzer and then drawing a clue from the top of the pile. Each player must get his teammate to guess the clue and then pass the buzzer along before the clock runs out.

The calm duo of Wiz Khalifa and Miles Teller proved to be worthy opponents to the energetic team Parsons and Fallon, easily beating the host and “Big Bang” star in the first round.

Khalifa did run into one major road-block for his team in the second round when he was asked to name the Taylor Swift Song “Shake it Off.”

“She’s doing this thing,” Teller said as he shook his hips.

The rapper, unable to guess the song, got a little help from the host.

“Just name any Taylor Swift song,” Fallon yelled.

Khalifa’s priceless reaction to Fallon’s suggestion proved the rapper doesn’t listen to Taylor Swift music and has somehow been able to avoid hearing one of the biggest hits of 2014.

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