Candy Spelling's 6,000-Square-Foot Condo Too Small for Her and Her Dog

Last year jaws dropped when Candy Spelling sold her incredible mega-mansion that included a bowling alley, beauty salon, parking for 100 cars, and oh yeah, 57,000 square feet of luxurious living to a single, 22-year-old named Petra Ecclestone.
While Ecclestone shelled out what some estimated to be around $85 million (Spelling originally listed the mansion for a whopping $150 million), Spelling decided to downgrade and shack up at the Carlyle on Wilshire in a 6,000-square-foot apartment.
While few Americans are likely far from sympathetic to Spelling's "smaller" new home, one little guy in Spelling's life is anything but pleased about the temporary apartment. According to Spelling, "You know what? My dog went into depression. The temporary place is like 6,000 square feet." 
Luckily for Spelling's pooch, she recently bought two penthouse units in Century City for $35 million, both of which are undergoing renovations. We imagine the new and improved penthouse will have plenty of room (hopefully more than 6,000 square feet) for Fido to sniff, scratch, and play. 
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