Cameron Talks “Avatar 2,” Spider-Man, Terminator and Oscar

James Cameron was in a chatty mood yesterday, sitting down with Charlie Rose and MTV to talk about everything from his dream scenario for next month's Oscars to Rupert Murdoch's demands for "Avatar 2."

Earlier this week there was all sorts of excitement when it was reported that Cameron was consulting with new Spider-Man director Marc Webb, but the air was let out of that balloon when he told MTV's Josh Horowitz "I haven't talked to him directly -- I'm more than happy to."

"I'm happy to talk to any director that wants to author his film in 3D... It's not like I want to tell them how to do it... It's just more like, 'Just don't make the same dumbass mistakes we made for 10 years."

Asked about word that writing partner William Wisher had treatments ready for a fifth and sixth installment of the Terminator sage, Cameron distanced himself from the project.

"I have stepped so far away from the Terminator universe that I know what you know -- and I'm happy with that.... Frankly the soup's kinda been pissed in by other filmmakers."

Other Cameron-related news this week was word that he was working on a novel that would be a sequel to "Avatar," something that The Playlist noted would be perfectly in line with his scriptwriting process and an eventual (inevitable?) second film.

"Another 'Avatar" film is a strong possibility ... everyone's highly motivated, cuz Rupert Murdoch told us we were doing it," he joked.

Cameron knows that he turned off most of Hollywood with his "King of the world!" speech when he won his Best Director award for "Titanic," so this year's he's trying a "briar patch" offensive, telling everyone who will listen how badly he wants ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow to win for "The Hurt Locker."

"That would be a fantasy, that would be my fantasy outcome," Cameron told Charlie Rose when asked about the idea of "Avatar" winning Best Picture and Bigelow taking Best Director.

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