911 Call Reveals Lohan, Rehab Employee Fight

A recording released yesterday of a 911 call from a Betty Ford Center rehab worker revealed the fight that she and actress Lindsay Lohan has over the phone, The Associated Press reported.

Dawn Holland, the now-former Betty Ford Center employee, told the dispatcher back in December that Lohan pushed and hit her with the phone as she was trying to speak to the dispatcher. The fight took place at the Palm Desert facility.

According to the recording, Lohan got on the phone and said that Holland was “freaking her out.” A commotion ensued and then Holland got back on the phone:

"Lindsay, you need to pack your (expletive)," Holland said. "Cause now I'm getting ready to file charges on you."

Then the women were heard arguing with each other and then the call was lost. When the dispatcher called the center, Holland explained that Lohan was one of a small group of girls caught leaving the property without approval. The source of contention was that the group refused to take breathalyzer tests. Holland added that Lohan was caught “trying to hop back over the fence.”

Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Holley, didn’t return the AP’s call seeking a comment.

Holland was later dismissed by the center for giving an interview with TMZ. A spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney said that the office was not filing charges against Lohan “due to insufficient evidence.”

Lohan was released from the center in January. Recently she declined a plea deal in the felony theft case of a $2,500 necklace and could face a trial. A preliminary hearing to deteriming sufficient evidence for a trial is scheduled for April 22

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