Brooklyn Subway Attack ‘Almost Like a Horror Movie,' Witness Says

Kenneth Foote-Smith described the mayhem after a shooting on a N train in Brooklyn

First, Kenneth Foote-Smith heard a bang. Then he heard screams.

Over the following minutes, Foote-Smith witnessed a terrifying attack unfold on the subway car just behind him.

Ten people were shot on an N train as it approached the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn, and six others were injured. The shooter remained at large late Tuesday morning.

"I was on the train car right in front of where the attack happened," Foote-Smith told NBC New York. "We turned toward the train car, and we see white smoke starting to billow and fill up the train car. We see people running toward the doors that separate the train cars, and we see people banging on them, screaming for help, almost like a horror movie.

"Some kind gentleman on the other side was trying to open the door to get to the connector, and unfortunately the door was jammed on our side, so they couldn't get to the train. We heard more bangs that sounded like gunshots, and we were cramming toward the conductor's door."

The train stopped briefly, Foote-Smith said, as smoke continued to fill the car behind him, "to the point we couldn't even see the faces of the people in the train car any more."

Soon after, the train pulled into the 36th Street Station and the doors opened.

"We all run out once the doors open, and it's absolute bedlam," Foote-Smith said. "There's people fleeing up the stairs. Luckily, and R train pulls up, and people start running on the R train."

Foote-Smith got on the R train across the platform, which soon left for 25th Street and safety.

"I just really had to hope that the person wasn't on this car somehow," he said.

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