For Sale: Anna Nicole’s Car, Doggie Bowl, Dresses, Art ….

Birkhead says he doesn't need the money, but Dannnielynn does

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Larry Birkhead, the onetime lover of Anna Nicole Smith and father of her three-year-old daughter, is selling off some of the dead model's items to raise money for charity and help secure little Dannielynn's future.

Birkhead said he doesn't need the money, but said the little girl, whose mother died in 2007, could use the money for security and private schools.And since the stuff is lying around in storage bins, Birkhead said he's happy to get rid of it.

"It's like, do I want to hold on to one of Anna's dresses, or do I want to try to help Dannielynn's future?" he told Reuters.

Birkhead, a photographer, said he has been sorting Smith's possessions into piles of items to be sold, and piles to be held for Dannielynn as keepsakes of her mom.

Up for bid at an auction held by Julien's Auctions on June 26 in Las Vegas are big-ticket items such as a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster and several bronze statues, all given to Smith during her marriage to oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall.

Also on the auction block is Smith's furniture, as seen on her former E! network reality series, "The Anna Nicole Show."

Smith's Marilyn Monroe memorabilia — items such as a Marilyn cookie jar — many gowns she wore at red carpet events, and several of her own paintings will also be sold.

"You'll see Anna's love for the finer things, but you'll also see the down-home girl that would paint pictures and carry little fun purses," said Birkhead.

Even a dog bed and bowls belonging to her miniature poodle, Sugar Pie, are up for sale, and a dress worn by Smith in a PETA ad will earn proceeds for the animal rights group she helped.

Smith, a former Playboy model died of an accidental drug overdose. At the time, Smith was in a legal battle over proceeds from the estate of Marshall, and Dannielynn stood to be the key beneficiary.But in March, a federal appeals court ruled Smith's estate was not entitled to any of the $300 million she sought from Marshall's estate.

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