Biophilia: The Design Trend That Promises Less Stress

Hospitals, airports and offices have increasingly incorporated the trend

Most jobs entail long hours spent indoors under artificial lighting.

The harsh concrete and steel that surrounds us doesn't make us feel good or help improve our mood.

If you've tried to better your desk environment by adding a succulent, you may be ahead of the latest design trend.

Biophilia, the innate, human emotional connection to nature, has brought forth biophilic design, a new trend in architecture and interior design that seeks to bring the calming benefits of nature indoors.  

Natural materials like woods, plants, moss, rocks, seashells and lots of natural light help to soften stressful environments. 

Stress was named the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organization.

Recognizing the benefits of biophilic design, hospitals, airports and offices have increasingly incorporated the trend.

At Massachusetts General Hospital there is a healing garden, an urban escape into nature. And inside, they have a light-filled room with plants everywhere. 

Studies have shown that people heal faster in these types of environments. People feel a sense of peace and experience less stress.

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