Bernie Sanders Holds Suburban Chicago Rally

Sanders called his rally "an interesting contrast" to Trump's event

The 2016 presidential campaign brought candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to the Chicago area Friday, but only Sanders was able to hold his scheduled rally.

His campaign billed the "Future to Believe in Summit Rally" as "an interesting contrast" to Trump's rally, though that remark was made before Trump's event was postponed Friday night amid large crowds of protesters. Cheers erupted when campaign made the announcement, and more protests followed.

Sanders was looking for a different kind of fervor at his event, held at Argo Community High School in suburban Summit. 

Sanders began the rally by saying that he'll win the election because people across the country want a government that represents everyone. 

He added that his campaign is about bringing people together, "not letting Donald Trump or anyone else divide us up. No, we're not going to hate Mexicans, we're not going to hate Muslims, we're not going to insult women, we're not going to insult veterans, we're not going to insult African Americans."

He also criticized embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, thanking him for endorsing Hillary Clinton over him.

"I don't want the endorsement of a mayor who is shutting down school after school and firing teachers," Sanders said, to cheers from the crowd.

Trump booked the UIC Pavilion for his Friday evening event last week, prompting critics who do not agree with Trump's policies to promise protests. It's rare for a Republican presidential rally in the city limits. More often the GOP holds large events like this closer to the party faithful in the suburbs.

Ted Cruz was also set to attend the state Republican Party fundraiser on Friday in Rolling Meadows.

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