Bernie Sanders Dances on ‘Ellen'

Bernie Sanders proved on Tuesday he can debate, but can he dance? Sure, he can. Well, sort of. 

The Vermont senator was a guest on a taping of “Ellen” in his first televised appearance since Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

Show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a short clip of the Democratic presidential candidate doing a little two-step as he waited to make his entrance.

Sanders danced in to “Disco Inferno” before taking his seat.

The two talked about some of the issues that were brought up during the debate, including Sanders’ comments on the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal.

“You said this may not be political,” DeGeneres said. “And I think that’s the exact thing people are sick of is people being political.”

Sanders told the audience he’s been in many political campaigns and said he’s never resorted to attack ads.

“I’ve never run a negative political ad in my entire life and I’ve been attacked a lot,” Sanders said.

Sanders also touched on the disappearing middle class, nutrition and climate change.

DeGeneres put Sanders in the Hot Seat, asking him personal questions. The host donated $1,000 to breast cancer research every time he answered a question correctly.

Sanders said he would prefer being stuck on a desert island with Republican candidate Marco Rubio.

His Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor would be called “Bern, Bernie, Bern”, a hot and spicy ice cream.

Sanders also admitted to having been in handcuffs.

“When I was young, I was involved in a civil rights demonstration and I was arrested,” he said.

When asked what song he would sing in a karaoke bar, Sanders said he would choose “Stayin’ Alive” from “Saturday Night Fever.”

And if you’re wondering, Sanders doesn’t wear boxers, he wears briefs.

The “Ellen DeGeneres Show” featuring the Democratic presidential candidate will air on Thursday Oct. 15.

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