Beauty Solutions For Curing Insomnia

Some nights the tossing and turning is inevitable—between deadlines, stress, and all the other crazy things you have going on, it’s always something. Obviously, you need a solution, because the under-eye bags are simply not cute or acceptable. Everyone knows that lavender is supposed to help induce zzz’s. But, besides filling my pillow with flowers, I need some alternative assistance. According to the Telegraph, here are a few beauty-inducing solutions to those battle terrible insomnia moments.

Take a bath in Origins: Night Health Bedtime Bath Oil, though sometimes laying in tepid water just makes me even more anxious. Drinking Pukka Night Time Tea, made with oatstraw, chamomile, and lavender, can help to calm before bed. Sniff essence of flowers and brandy called Light Heart Sleep Well Essence made by therapist Rose Titchiner. If all else fails, stick to a good old eye mask to darken the room and force your eyes to relax.

And if none of those methods work, I’ll stick to my good old concealer and eye creams to battle the fatigued look tomorrow in the office.

What sleep tricks do you use? [Telegraph]

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