Noah Baumbach's “While We're Young” Loses Blanchett and Franco

Noah Baumbach at one point thought he had Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, James Franco and Cate Blanchett lined up for his next feature. Alas...

Franco and Blanchett have both dropped out of "While We're Young," reported Just Jared. Franco walked in favor of the lead role in "Oz, the Great and Powerful," while Blanchett presumably had scheduling conflicts with "The Hobbit" shooting this summer. Similarly, Gerwig's plate was just too full.

"While We're Young" was supposed to star Franco and Gerwig as a free-spirited couple in Brooklyn whose approach to life reinvigorates a middle-aged documentary filmmaker and his wife, to have been played by Stiller ans Blanchett.

Losingn three-fourths of your leads is always a blow, but when they're folks like Franco, Blanchett abd Gerwig, it's got to be insanely dispiriting for Baumbach.

Franco can be seen April 8 in the medieval stoner comedy "Your Highness," Blanchett in the teen assassin thriller "Hanna" on April 8, and Gerwig in the Russell Brand vehicle "Arthur" April 8.

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