“Babies” Delivers at the Box Office

Last weekend most of the box office attention was on the gaudy "Iron Man 2" numbers. But the fantastic documentary "Babies" made its mark on audiences as well.

The movie outperformed expectations for Focus Features, pulling in $2.15 million, including an impressive $1.08 million on Mother's Day. For a film of this scope, these are great numbers.

"What can I say? Christmas came on Mother's Day for our million dollar babies!" James Schamus, the CEO of Focus Features tells PopcornBiz. "In my two decades of film business experience, I've never seen anything like it."

For audiences, "Babies" is a rare treat, chronicling the early days of four babies from around the globe with minimal interruption by annoying adult figures. It's pure, uncut, international cute.

And the filmmakers are counting on excellent word-of-mouth to propel the film to even greater heights in the weeks to come. "Babies" will hold steady in about 500 theaters this weekend.

Schamus appropriately gives thanks to the one woman who has made all of this possible -- in more ways than one. "I'd like personally to thank my mom," he tells us, "who appears to be entirely responsible for the word-of-mouth."

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