Another 4th Generation IPhone Found

A second 4th generation iPhone has gone missing, apparently.

I say "apparently" because the first we're hearing of it is from a batch of photos that have cropped up on a Vietnamese web forum. How did it get to Vietnam? Little is known, though Mac Rumors reports that "the individual who submitted the link to us stated a Vietnamese businessman had bought it in the U.S. together with an iPad." Apple should just start selling its iPhones in bars. That seems to be the place to get 'em right now, anyway.

One thing that has been up in the air so far is what processor the new iPhone would have under the hood. The folks over at the Vietnamese forum tore this one down and took out what appears to be an Apple-branded processor.

The teardown (click to see it full size):


Here's the processor up close (click click click), which could be a variant of Apple's ARM-based A4 CPU, which is what the iPad uses:


The newest lost iPhone is thought to be as close to a final model as we're going to get, as it's got a screwless, smooth back and it's listed as having a capacity of 16GB rather than the "XXGB" the model Gizmodo studied had. It also has a 5.00 watt-hour battery compared to the Giz-Phone's 5.25 watt-hour battery.

Check out a video of someone playing with it below:

Via Mac Rumors and Gizmodo

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