Another Villain Joins “Superman”

He's got his mom and his Lois - now Superman has his villainess. 

Deadline is reporting that German actress Antje Traue (pronounced: What she said) has landed the role of Faora - a Kryptonian woman who is in league with Michael Shannon's General Zod (not to be confused with Ursa, the super-powered woman who rode shotgun with Zod in "Superman II").

The character of Faora actually has a long history in the Superman comics - and she has been everything from a man-hating, kung-fu fighter (who once beat the snot out of Superman) to an orphaned meta-human who can disrupt molecular bonds. The movie version is believed to be leaning towards the latter version.

Traue was recently seen alongside Ben Foster in the sci-fi horror flick "Pandorum." 

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