WATCH: Andy Samberg Tells Story About Getting Tech Support From Mark Zuckerberg on “The Tonight Show”

Samberg and Fallon also played a funny game called “5-Second Summaries.”

Andy Samberg told Jimmy Fallon an interesting story about asking Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook tech support on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star said that he has a Facebook account set up by the company’s co-founder, who is also his only friend on the social networking site. Then, Zuckerberg’s friends began sending him Friend requests, so the comedian asked him how to block them.

“He was so cool about it, he was like ‘go into your settings’,” Samberg said. “So now there’s some dormant Facebook account out there and it’s just me and the Zuck.”

Finally, the two played a funny game called “5-Second Summaries” in which the pair had to summarize movie plots in 5 seconds to get each other to guess the title.

See how they did in the video below.

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