“American Idol” Producer: J.Lo is Not a Diva

Is Jennifer Lopez a diva? Not according to "American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Lythgoe, who is also one of the judges on “So You Think You Can Dance,” told Access Hollywood that he has kept hearing stories about the actress, who was reportedly now out of the running for a judge’s spot on "Idol."

“Jennifer Lopez is a wonderful woman,” said Lythgoe. “I’ve worked with her a lot. How anyone who could call that lady a diva, I have no idea… somebody who doesn’t know her.

“Whenever things like this carry on, there’s so much (expletive) that goes with it…it just feeds the media frenzy.”

According to People magazine, Lopez, who was close to sealing a deal with Idol, won’t be a judge on the show. Said a source: “Her demands got out of hand. Fox had just had enough.”

The magazine also reported that country singer Shania Twain may be considered for the judge spot on "Idol." She was previously a guest judge last season at the Chicago auditions and also did some mentoring. Neither Twain’s rep nor FOX had any comment.

“They’ve been after her ever since she was a mentor on the show last season,” a source told People. “And they haven’t given up.”

It has been tumultuous time for "Idol" behind the scenes with the departure of original judge Simon Cowell, which was then followed by the recent exit of Ellen DeGeneres. There have also been reports that Kara DioGuardi may not be back for the 10th season of "Idol" as well.

On a TV talk show DioGuardi’s father, Joe, a U.S. Senate candidate, said that his daughter had not heard about her status from FOX.

"Would you believe she did not hear -- and still has not heard -- anything?" said DioGuardi, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "She read it the way you did and I did. Her disappointment is that that's the way she's being treated and she feels that's not proper. I think they're trying to create a lot of buzz ... they're trying to reformat the thing. But Kara has a very deep career in music ... she'll be fine. Would she want to do it another year? I think so ... I think at some point [she] will confront them on that."

In addition to Lopez and Twain, other rumored celebrity candidates being considered for "American Idol" have included Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler,  Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake, said MTV.com.

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