“Amelie” Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Going 3D for “T.S. Spivet”

Adult fairy tale master Jean-Pierre Jeunet is getting back to work, with a story about a 12-year-old road-tripping cartographer.

Jeunet has bought the rights to and will be adapting Reif Larsen's "The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet," reported Deadline. Jeunet will write the screenplay with longtime collaborator Guillaume Laurent.

Just a quick look at the book's website and it's appeal to Jeunet is clear, as it's got a tinge of sepia, the old-timey flicker of a film, and levers and pullies. For a man who makes films that are living, breathing Goldberg machines, this is heaven. Add to that the chance to shoot it in 3D, and you can be sure that Jeunet is champing at the bit. Here's the official synopsis:

When twelve-year-old genius cartographer T. S. Spivet receives an unexpected phone call from the Smithsonian announcing he has won the prestigious Baird Award, life as normal-if you consider mapping dinner table conversations normal-is interrupted and a wild cross-country adventure begins, taking T. S. from his family home just north of Divide, Montana, to the museum’s hallowed halls.

And here's the trailer for the book:

This is Jeunet's first film since "Micmacs," an overlooked whimsical anti-war comedy about a man who seeks revenge on the ammunition companies that have ruined his life.

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