Alaskans Needed For New Drew Barrymore Flick

Hey Alaskans! Wanna be in a movie starring Drew Barrymore? Then your dream may come true.

The Hollywood’s actress upcoming movie, “Everybody Loves Whales,” is scheduled to shoot in mostly Anchorage this September, and the film’s production company is looking for extras, The Anchorage Daily News reported. Barrymore will portray a Greenpeace worker and John Krasinski of the NBC sitcom "The Office” plays a newspaper reporter.

In a phone interview to the newspaper, executive producer Stuart Besser said that the filmmakers are looking for Alaskans to fill dozens of roles. "There's at least 1,000 extras, and there are probably about 30 to 40 speaking roles that we would attempt to get in Anchorage."

“Everybody Loves Whales” is based on a true story about the attempt to rescue three trapped gray whales near Barrow, Alaska in 1988, said the newspaper. Two of the whales managed to escape thanks to a Soviet icebreaker, while the third disappeared and perhaps died.

The newspaper also said that the filmmakers plan to employ construction workers and prop and wardrobe people in addition to the extras and actors. The movie will reportedly cost $30 million.

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