Accused Killer Lured Victim Via Craigslist

Latest case of violence linked to website

A pregnant Oregon woman was slain and her baby stolen after she responded to an offer on Craigslist of free infant clothes - the latest violent incident linked to the classifieds website.

The body of Heather Snively, who had just moved to Tigard, Ore., from Maryland with her boyfriend, was found in the crawlspace of suspect Korena Elaine Roberts, 27, according to The Oregonian. She was arrested after taking the newborn boy to a hospital, where he died and officials determined he was not Roberts' baby, authorities said.

It was apparently the latest in a spate of violent acts in which predators used  Craigslist to lure their victims. In Boston, medical student Philip Markoff was charged in April with killing a woman and robbing two others after arranging meeting with them on Craigslist. In March, a New York radio broadcaster was killed in his Brooklyn apartment, allegedly by a male prostitute he hires through the  website.

Last week, a North Carolina man was charged with going on Craigslist to solicit a stranger to break into his home and rape his wife.

Craigslist scrapped its "erotic services" section in response to the Boston murder, in which Markoff allegedly hired masseuses. The website has expressed sympathy for victims in other cases, but resisted efforts to blame it for crimes committed by people who use the service.

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