Accused Fake Teen Doctor Known as Dr. Love Sentenced to 1 Year in Fraud Case

The Florida man accused of practicing medicine as a fake doctor when he was a teen was sentenced to a year in prison Monday for making false statements when trying to buy a Jaguar, court documents show.

Malachi Love-Robinson of West Palm Beach was arrested in September after investigators in Virginia said he lied in an effort to obtain credit when trying to purchase the luxury car. He pleaded guilty to charges of making a false statement to obtain credit.

A Virginia Judge sentenced Love-Robinson to one year in prison with nine years suspended, according to the Stafford County Clerk’s Office.

Authorities said Love-Robinson filled out an online credit application and used the name of a female as a co-signer on the form.

Police said dealership employees became suspicious after some things Love-Robinson allegedly said at the time. The employees were concerned Love-Robinson may have been trying to defraud the female co-signer, who he claimed was his mother. The dealership said they would call Love-Robinson when his credit was approved. They called him to tell him he was approved, and when he returned to the dealership, sheriff's deputies were waiting for him. After determining Love-Robinson appeared to be making false statements, deputies arrested him.

Love-Robinson, now 20, made headlines as a teenager after he was caught practicing medicine — complete with an office, lab coat and stethoscope — without a license in Palm Beach County.

At the time of his arrest in Virginia, Love-Robinson was out on bond, and he is still facing charges for the Palm Beach County case.

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