“A-Team” Trailer Sags Under Weight of “A-Team” Legend

For people -- mostly men -- of a certain age, the announcement of an "A-Team" movie was both the greatest development since then invention of HD and the cause for much dread. The first trailer dropped today -- if only it weren't called the "A-Team."

Some first impressions: the van now looks stupid, Bradley Cooper is ripped, "I love it when a plan comes together" is still a great line, but sounds a little tired coming from anyone other than George Peppard and we desperately want to machine gun airplanes from a parachuting tank.

The cast is probably too good for this sort of thing, with Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley (the hero of "District 9") and playing Face, Hannibal, Murdock respectively. MMA star Rampage Jackson is tasked with the thankless chore of trying to recreate one of the TV's most iconic characters, B.A. Baracus. Who knows, maybe he'll make a fine action star, but he's no Mr. T.

The biggest problem may be the fact that it's the "A-Team." When you put that name on a project, the weight of expectations is burdensome. Why not just steal the idea? "The Flintstones" was just "The Honeymooners" and it was great. When they made a "Honeymooners" movie, it was a disaster. Why not just make "The Four Badasses"? 'Cuz then you'll never get the budget, the talent and the buzz. Ugh -- what a stupid, ugly mess the whole business is.

Hat tip: Cinematical

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