‘Lost's' Top 10 Unanswered Questions

As any sci-fi geek (and the extreme majority of the Access Hollywood staff) knows, tonight kicks off the sixth and final season of ABC's "Lost," regarded by many as one of the greatest shows in the history of television.

But the dense narrative weaved by show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof is certainly tangled – to say the least! After a season of time traveling, there are just a few loose ends left to tie up.

And so Access counts down our Top 10 Unanswered "Lost" Questions, (which we expect answers to!) for this final season!

Sure, some of these seem like several questions inter-woven into a single larger question … but hey, it's par for the course, no?!

10) Is Juliet Alive?
And did she reset the chain of events with brought the passengers of Oceanic Air flight 815 to the island?

9) What Happened to Claire?
She's been MIA for three seasons – what's up with that? And what is her son Aaron's role in the island's mythology?

8) The Ajira Airways 316 Posse?
Why did some passengers on the Ajira Airways Flight 316 flash back to 1977 (Kate, Hurley, Jack, Sayid) while others remained in the present (Sun, Frank, and Ben)? And who exactly are Ilana and her crew? And where do they fit into the Widmore/Ben Linus, Jacob/Jacob's enemy dichotomy of alliances?

7) The Numbers!
What is the significance of the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), and do they connect somehow to the island or to its powers? And is Hurley truly cursed by them?

6) The All-Knowing Eloise
How does Eloise Hawking know so much, and what is her role as a mastermind of the entire scenario?

5) Inter-Connectivity of the Main Characters
Why have these castaways crashed on this island? Were they chosen or connected in some way? And if so, how?

4) Jacob & His Nemesis
Who built the statue and temple and how did they get there? When/how did it get ruined? And who are Jacob and his "mysterious-dressed-in-black" friend? Plus, why did Jacob's nemesis require a loophole in order to kill him? What exactly is the loophole?

3) The Others
Who are Richard Alpert and the Others? And what exactly is their relationship to Charles Widmore and Ben Linus? Why did they kill everyone in the Dharma Initiative? Why did they initially disguise themselves as shipwrecked pirate-types complete with fake beards? And why doesn't Richard ever seem to age?

2) Time/Space travel
How exactly do the island's electro-magnetic properties, influence travel through the time/space continuum? And how come there's a magic donkey wheel in the island's core, which transports people to Tunisia?

1) Smokey
What is the smoke monster, and how does it tie in to an understanding of the island's powers? Which begets the larger questions of… What is the island and what is the source of its apparent power?

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