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Appeals Court to Consider Ban on Voter Selfies

Sharing voting booth selfies is illegal in more than half the states, but some argue that violates free speech



    Appeals Court to Consider Ban on Voter Selfies
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    This file photo shows a voter in a voting booth.

    For the first time, a federal appeals court will consider whether or not states should allow voters to take and share selfies from polling locations. The First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston will be considering a New Hampshire voter selfie case Tuesday.

    One side of the emerging debate argues that voting booth selfies, in addition to being a valuable way for young people to engage in the democratic process, is a right protected by the First Amendment. Opponents cite voter fraud and violation of voter privacy and voter safety as potential risks of protecting polling place selfies.

    Current laws vary state to state, and in many states, their legal status is unclear, NBC News reported. Voting selfies are unlawful in at least 25 states, and violators could be subject to substantial fines. A handful of states do allow them, including New Hampshire, where the court case in question originated.