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Decision 2016

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Trump Shares Results From Medical Exam on 'Dr. Oz,' Show Says

The candidate campaigned Wednesday in Flint, Michigan, and Canton, Ohio



    Donald Trump shared on "The Dr. Oz Show" Wednesday results from last week's physical examination by his doctor, according to a press release from the show. 

    The show announced that Mehmet Oz "took Mr. Trump through a full review of systems" and talked about his family medical history. It was not immediately clear what the exam revealed and the extent of his disclosures. The show is set to air Thursday. 

    The businessman-turned-reality-star's medical records reveal was a surprise. Trump's campaign had said Monday his medical information will be released "this week." But earlier Wednesday, the campaign said the information would not be released during taping for "The Dr. Oz Show" and would instead be released "soon," NBC's Katy Tur reported.

    "The Dr. Oz Show" said in its release that "as all physicians do when seeing a patient for the first time, Dr. Oz took Mr. Trump through a full review of systems including the following: nervous system, head and neck, hormone levels, cardiovascular health and related medications, respiratory health, gastrointestinal health, bladder or prostate health, dermalogical health, history of cancer and family medical history."

    Trump Booed Leaving New York Times

    [NATL] Trump Booed Leaving New York Times
    President Elect Donald Trump is booed as he walks through the lobby of The New York Times Building after a 75-minute meeting with Times journalists. The lobby of the Times building is open to the public, and a large crowd had gathered by the time he departed.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016)

    Trump's daughter Ivanka then joined him to speak the campaign's childcare and maternity leave initiative.

    Trump's exam was performed last week by his longtime personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein, of Lennox Hill Hospital, NBC News has confirmed. 

    Earlier this year, Bornstein drew attention for writing that Trump would be the healthiest president in history. His four-parahraph letter was written in five minutes while a limo sent by Trump waited outside his Mahattan office, NBC News reported

    Trump said Monday he was planning to release detailed health information from the new physical exam in the coming days, following Hillary Clinton's health scare at the Sept. 11 memorial service and revelations that she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

    "I saw what was going on with her and I said, 'You know, I'm going to go do something' and I actually took a physical last week and probably, I guess this week, will release the results of it," the Republican presidential nominee told CNBC Monday.

    He told "Fox and Friends" in a phone interview Monday that he would "be releasing very, very specific numbers."

    Trump Takes Meetings at His New Jersey Golf Club

    [NATL] Trump Takes Meetings at His New Jersey Golf Club
    President-elect Trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates for his administration at his New Jersey golf club over the weekend, including Mitt Romney, Rudy Guliani, Chris Christie and Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, who has been tough on immigration, and others.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2016)

    "Hopefully they're going to be good," he said. "I think they're going to be good. I feel great."