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Navy: No U.S. Drones Missing After Iran Claim

Iran claimed in 2011 it brought down a CIA spy drone after it entered Iranian airspace



    Navy: No U.S. Drones Missing After Iran Claim
    In this photo obtained from the Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, a surface-to-air missile is fired by Iran's army, during a maneuver, in an undisclosed location in Iran, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012. Iran said Tuesday it successfully tested a new air defense system modeled after the U.S. Hawk system during a drill in the country's east. A senior Iranian official called the six-day air defense drill over almost the entire eastern half of the country a "slap" to America and Israel. The exercise has been said to include Iranian jet fighters, drones and more than 8,000 troops. (AP Photo/ISNA, Amin Khosroshahi)

    A U.S. Navy spokesman says no American drones are missing in the Middle East following Iranian claims it had captured an unmanned American surveillance aircraft.

    Cmdr. Jason Salata, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, says all U.S. drones in the region are "fully accounted for." He also cast doubt on Iranian claims Tuesday that the U.S. ScanEagle drone entered Iranian airspace, saying U.S. operations in the Persian Gulf are "confined to internationally recognized water and airspace."

    He says that U.S. ScanEagles have been lost into the sea in the past, but none have gone down recently.

    Other nations in the Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, have ScanEagle drones in service.

    The 5th Fleet is based in Bahrain.