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Beached Finback Whale Buried in Dunes



    Whale Beached in Breezy Point, Queens

    See video of the whale that was beached Wednesday morning in Breezy Point. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012)

    The finback whale that died after it beached itself in Queens this week is being buried in the dunes after a necropsy on the beach, authorities said Friday.

    The 60-foot endangered  whale was first discovered Wednesday morning, stranded on the bay side of Breezy Point. It was alive but severely emaciated.

    On Thursday, marine conservationists confirmed it had stopped breathing.

    Officials Friday found the whale had lesions in its stomach lining and its kidneys, said Mendy Garron of the National Marine Fisheries Service. It was "in a poor nutritional state" and had no food in its stomach. 

    There was no visible evidence of injuries caused by humans. 

    Officials on Friday moved the whale up the beach to conduct the necropsy, according to Garron.  Boundaries were set up so that the public could view the process.

    The necropsy consisted of removing the skin and blubber to expose the body cavity and internal organs for examination. The internal systems were studied, including the skeleton, and samples were taken to be sent to a lab. 

    Results of all the tests would take up to two months.