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Ukraine 8 hours ago

New Evidence Shows Nunes Aide Communicated With Parnas on Ukraine

New evidence released Friday by House Democrats shows Derek Harvey, a former White House official and top aide to GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, communicated extensively with Lev Parnas about both Ukraine aid ...

  • Mexico 4 hours ago

    Migrants, Troops Slowly Build Up at Guatemala-Mexico Border

    More than 200 mostly Honduran migrants rested on a bridge at the Guatemala-Mexico border waiting for the arrival of others and hoping sheer numbers will improve their chances of entering Mexico and continuing their journey north.......Across the river from Tecun Uman, in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Hidalgo, National Guard troops with riot shi...
  • Decision 2020 5 hours ago

    Amid Hacking Fears, Key Caucus States to Use App for Results

    Two of the first three states to vote in the Democratic presidential race will use new mobile apps to gather results from thousands of caucus sites — technology intended to make counting easier but that raises concerns of hacking or glitches.

  • georgia 6 hours ago

    3 More Linked to Neo-Nazi Group Arrested in Georgia

    Three men linked to a violent white supremacist group known as The Base were charged with conspiring to kill members of a militant anti-fascist group, police in Georgia announced Friday, a day after three other members were arrested on federal charges in Maryland and Delaware.......The Base, a collective of hardcore neo-Nazis that operate as a para...
  • Australia 7 hours ago

    Scientists Seek Rare Species Survivors Amid Australia Flames

    Australia’s unprecedented wildfires season has so far charred 40,000 square miles (104,000 square kilometers) of brushland, rainforests, and national parks — killing by one estimate more than a billion wild animals. Scientists fear some of the island continent’s unique and colorful species may not recover. For others, they are trying to throw lifel...
  • Delta Air Lines 6 hours ago

    Teachers File Lawsuit and AQMD Issues Violation After Fuel Rains Down From Delta Plane

    Southland air-quality regulators Friday issued a violation notice to Delta Air Lines Friday stemming from the dumping of roughly 15,000 gallons of fuel from an airliner prior to making an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the notice of violation accused Delta of cau...
  • Puerto Rico 1 hour ago

    Puerto Rico to Open Schools After 6.4 Quake Despite Concerns

    Puerto Rico’s government is opening public schools in late January without knowing if they can withstand a big earthquake as concerns grow about weakened infrastructure that is displacing thousands of students. By Friday, engineers had inspected 561 out of the island’s 856 public schools and found that 9% are unsafe as a result of damage caused by ...
  • Mexico 1 hour ago

    Mexico Readies for Central American Migrants at South Border

    Border security forces in southern Mexico were preparing Friday for the expected arrival of hundreds of Central Americans traveling through Guatemala and vowed to prevent a repeat of the headline-grabbing “caravans” of past years when massive flows of migrants and asylum seekers overwhelmed agents. National Guard and army troops stood watch as raft...
  • Puerto Rico 13 hours ago

    Royal Caribbean: Grandpa Leaned Out Window Before Girl’s Fall

    An Indiana man charged with negligent homicide in his young granddaughter’s fatal fall from a cruise ship’s open window in Puerto Rico leaned out of that window for several seconds before he lifted the child up to it and she fell, the cruise operator alleges in a court filing. Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Jan. 8 filing in U.S. District Court......
  • Guantanamo Bay 13 hours ago

    Ex-Guantanamo Commander Convicted of Lying About Man’s Death

    A former commander of the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay was convicted Friday of interfering with an investigation into the death of a civilian with whom the commander had fought and argued over his affair with the man’s wife. A federal jury in Jacksonville convicted Navy Capt. John R. Nettleton on charges of obstruction of justice, conceal...
  • Supreme Court 15 hours ago

    ‘Faithless Elector’: Supreme Court to Hear Case on How Presidents Are Chosen

    The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up an issue that could change a key element of the system America uses to elect its president, with a decision likely in the spring just as the campaign heats up, NBC News reported. The answer to the question could be a decisive one: are the electors who cast the actual...

  • Canada 18 hours ago

    13-Year-Old Gives Emotional Eulogy for Dad Killed in Iran Plane Crash

    A 13-year-old boy who lost his father when the Iranian government shot down a passenger jet last week remembered his father’s strength and relentlessly upbeat attitude in his moving eulogy.

  • CHINO HILLS 14 hours ago

    Truck Carrying 6,000 Chickens Overturns in Calif.

    Chickens spilled onto a Southern California road Friday morning when a flatbed truck carrying the birds flipped onto its side. The crash happened at about 5:30 a.m. just off the southbound 71 Freeway at Grand Avenue in Chino Hills. Details about the cause of the crash were not immediately available. Some of the 6,000 chickens on the truck were kill...
  • Ukraine 18 hours ago

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Submits Resignation After Tapes

    Ukraine’s prime minister says he has submitted his resignation, days after he was caught on tape saying the country’s president knows nothing about the economy. In a Facebook post Friday, Oleksiy Honcharuk says that he has given his resignation to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

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