911 Misdial Leads to Drug Bust

Dial D for Drug Deal

Two Kansas men were busted last week when one of them accidentally dialed 911 during a drug deal, KCTV News reported.

Dispatchers who took the call told police they heard arguing on the other end of the line. They recorded the conversation and traced the call to a specific neighborhood.

A dispatcher continued to monitor the call as officers set out to search the area.

"You could hear on the phone call the suspect saying, 'Oh, there goes the cops,'" said Leavenworth police Chief Patrick Kitchens. "So that brought the officers' attention to the two gentlemen."

Police then arrested Jesus Suarez and Jesus Santos, both 25, and reportedly confiscated $2,500 in cash and six grams of crack cocaine.

The men were jailed on five charges each.

"We have been trying to figure out how to classify it," Kitchens said. "It might be the first case where a person accidentally dialed 911 and got arrested."

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