90-Year-Old Receptionist Not Planning for Retirement

June Springer has been working for the majority of her life and now, at 90 years old, doesn't have plans to stop any time soon.

Springer turned 90 this week and was celebrated by her co-workers and customers at Caffi Plumbing in Alexandria, Va.

"I went to work when I was 14 at the five-and-ten after school, and I've been working ever since," Springer told News4 Washington.

Her next job at age 18 was making rifles alongside her father in a Pennsylvania steel mill during World War II, before enlisting as a WAVE in the Navy.

"I came to Washington and at that time worked in intelligence on the Japanese code," Springer said.

It was the first of many military positions. She later joined the Army and Naval reserve. To support her son in her early years, she often worked two jobs, in patent law offices by day and restaurants by night.

Eight years ago, the company she was working for folded. She applied for a receptionist job at Caffi Plumbing with Ron Caffi.

"Ron did say to me, 'Do you think you can work eight hours a day?' And I was thinking, 'How dare you ask if I can work eight hours a day? I've been working two jobs all of my life,'" Springer said.

"I brought her in, and the rest is history," Ron Caffi said.

Springer works from 6:30 a.m. through 2 p.m.

"She's a staff and customer favorite," Caffi said. He recalled one customer asked him, "Do you mind if I call her when I'm having a bad day, so I can hear her voice? She's so calming."

Springer maintains her retirement party will wait.

"As long as I can work... I will always work," Springer said.

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