2 Students Charged in Connection with ‘Offensive Graffiti' in Northwestern Chapel

19-year-old Anthony Morales and 18-year-old Matthew Kafker are facing felony charges and have been placed on interim suspension with the university

Two Northwestern University students have been charged in connection with racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic graffiti found at a university chapel on Saturday.

Anthony Morales, 19, and Matthew Kafker, 18, were arrested Saturday and charged with institutional vandalism, hate crime to a place of worship and criminal damage to property, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The graffiti was found Thursday night inside the Alice Millar Chapel, located at 1870 Sheridan Road in Evanston. Police reviewed surveillance video of the incident, according to an email statement sent to students from university president Morton Schapiro. 

The church walls and organ were covered in racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and other offensive graffiti, the email said. The two allegedly spray-painted a swastika and lines over the photos of Muslim students.

Spray-painted penises were found around the church, and a stairwell was tagged with the word "Trump," the Tribune reported.

"On behalf of the entire Northwestern community, I express our shock and dismay at the abhorrent act of vandalism committed last night," Schapiro said.

Northwestern University spokesman Bob Rowley said both students have been placed on interim suspension, which prevents them from being on campus, according to The Daily Northwestern.

"This disgusting act of hatred violates the deepest values and core commitments of our University and is an affront to us all," Shapiro said in his statement.

Both students are being held in lieu of $50,000 bail, and according to the Cook County Sheriff's office, both have bonded out.

It was unclear whether Morales and Kafker have attorneys.

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