1st Look Loves Shopping: Fibi&Clo Sassy Summer Sandals


Summer is on its way—what better time to buy new cute summer sandals and chuck your old flip flops? Check out fibiandclo.com for fun, stylish, gently priced sandals that pop and are super comfortable—a combination of qualities women endlessly chase. Founder AnaLiza Alba,  an advertising creative director in New York, started doing trunk shows in her native Texas and loved the immediate response from friends, family and new customers, as well as the opportunity to travel home often. AnaLiza partnered with her fiance Michael Leen to expand the company tnd sales are coming along nicely. Fibi&Clo has become a family affair: AnaLiza's mom helps with inventory, her dad hauls merchandise to shows, and her sister has weighed in on introducing girls’ sizes. And since you asked, AnaLiza and Michael have two cats named Fibi and Clo. Check out the bestselling Cascade style among others at fibiandclo.com. You'll be light on your feet and easy on your wallet.

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