1st Look Loves: No.6 Lace-Up Shearling Boots

We are in love with No.6 boots--it's the perfect shoe for the season. The boutique is located on a quiet street in Little Italy and is a favorite of locals and celebrities alike, maybe because chic comfort is their mission. We talked to the owners Karin Bereson and Morgan Yakus about their exquisitely curated shop, the highly coveted boots and their hangouts from coast to coast.

What is the No.6 credo and mission?
We always try to have a great mix of pieces that are beautiful, interesting and wearable. Our store is very welcoming and we love that our customers feel comfortable hanging out here and can enjoy the experience of shopping as well as the items they buy.

What new items are you showcasing this fall and winter?
We have several new styles of our clog boots, which people love--many of our customers are buying their second and third pairs. We also did our No.6 yoke chiffon blouse in five different colors and prints and the long button back dress--it can be worn all year round with sandals or with boots and a chunky sweater.

We know your No.6 boots are the hottest thing going--tell us about your new styles and where you draw your inspiration to create new styles?
This season we have two new styles that women are loving. Our blanket boot which is a throwback to a "Santa Fe" 70s-meets-90s kind of boot. We also have our lace-up shearling boot which we now do on our mid-heel base. We changed it to two-tone, added a kiltie and men's tech-y laces for
our version of a classic duck boot.

Why does a marriage between comfort and style seem so rare when it comes to women and their footwear?
Generally the more "styled" the shoe, the more that comfort gets sacrificed. Shoes are the one thing that really changes everything about an outfit as we get all our energy from our feet. So, the sexier the shoe, the higher the heel, the more change in the way we carry ourselves. And, women will sacrifice a lot for a pair of shoes they love.

What clothing do you think is most flattering for this time of year and what are your current best-selling clothing items?
Winter is not the easiest time for flattering clothing since it is generally heavier and bulky. We love long silhouettes that have lots of movement and draping that you can throw a heavy sweater over and still have a feminine feel underneath. We have beautiful long chiffon and silk skirts from Correll Correll that look great with big chunky knits on. The No.6 collection is selling well because it's easy to wear. Not to sound like a cliche, but you can wear it day to night. It's clothing that has personality but you can make it your own by customizing it with other things. We do a lot of silk prints and often people will collect the same style in multiple prints.

Which accessories and designers are you loving right now?
We love Gillian Steinhardt, a stylist who just started designing a beautiful line of jewelry, sort of Byzantine inspired with one of a kind intaglios from Turkey set into rings and necklaces. We also love the animal print pony oxfords and ankle boots from Les Prairies des Paris.

What are your most favorite vintage finds and what is currently available at No.6 right now--please give us the covetous details!
Right now, we are kind of dying over a pair of deep purple velvet high waisted YSL pants and a two-piece Jil Sander taupe and gold bustier and harem pant.

If we weren't running No.6, we would be ___________.
just running

What are your favorite late-night bites?
KB:  EN Japanese brasserie in the West Village
MY: Five Leaves Williamsburg

What are your favorite things between two buns?
KB: Lobster roll from Ed's Lobster Bar
MY: I don't eat bread, so closest to that for me is a La Esquina fish taco.

What are your favorite unique desserts?
KB: Anything raw and chocolate from One Lucky Duck
MY: Vegan ice cream from the all-vegan ice cream shop in East Village. They have a great ice cream sandwich.

What has been your most unusual or unique dining experience?

KB: Just had a picnic with five non-English speaking French people on the center of the Simone de Beauvoir bridge in Bercy.
MY: Eating dinner with Tibetan monks in Dharamsala, India. Very enlightening.

What are your favorite hotels and why?
KB: Petite Ermitage in LA--the rooftop deck is like being in Spain and Morgan and I held a meeting in the pool.
MY: Petite Ermitage, its a home away from home.

6 Centre Market Place
New York, NY 10013

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