1st Look Loves: Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen

Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based DIY recording studio, musician's collective and record label, providing high quality, affordable production and recording. Artistic identity, integrity and personal expression are truly the highest priorities within the MCFK world of activities and undertakings, a breath of fresh air in the current state of the music industry.

In the studio's first two and a half years of existence, MCFK has amassed a collective of 45+ bands, all making records within the MCFK facilities. The studio does extensive press campaigns for all the records made here, and puts on regular, bacchanalian live showcases throughout the year to promote the wide range of bands.

MCFK founder Oliver Ignatius says, “Our goal is to inject a little bit more looseness, spontaneity, creativity and fun back into a music scene that has become increasingly segregated, cutthroat and competitive. We encourage utter sincerity, whether direct or in pretension or irony, and believe that the highest form a record can aspire to be is simply a direct and honest expression of the individual(s) who created it. We believe that anybody's quirks or oddities are really their super powers, and aim to facilitate their transmission through the records. We take care of all the bands that pass through our doors, providing them with a community, a safe haven to create, and outlets for the performance and promotion of their music.”

Mama Coco’s also organizes regular community events, such as film screenings and meditation meetings. Moving forward this summer, MCFK is gearing up to release its first vinyl product, establishing the foundation of MCFK Records, which will run concurrent with the studio.

For more information, visit the website. Be sure to check out Mama Coco’s Freakout #21 showcase this Friday 5/24--how can you not love a band named The Harmonica Lewinskies?!!

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