19 Kids and Counting Duggar Extortion: Photographer Pleads Guilty

In a case of much ado about nothing--well, certainly nothing "intimate"--the legal system is on the Duggar family's side.

E! News has learned that photographer Theresa Hunt plead guilty today in a Federal Court in Davenport, Iowa on one count of extortion. In February, Hunt was arrested after demanding TLC's show 19 Kids and Counting be canceled or parent company Discovery pay her $10,000 in order to ensure she would not release, what she called, "intimate" photos of Amy Duggar and singer James Garrett.

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The photo in question, featuring 25-year-old Amy (the daughter of Jim Bob Duggar's older sister) and 58-year-old Garrett was later released and was hardly risqu. It featured the two at a restaurant called McFarlands after they both had performed in a John Denver Tribute Show.

Since the beginning, Garrett has claimed he and the family are "all laughing about" the attempted extortion. James is still close with the Duggar family and had a guest appearance on 19 Kids and Counting on Feb. 28, 2012. The episode featured Amy singing at his Branson tribute show.

"I was saddened to find that the person extorting the Discovery Channel with pictures of Amy Duggar and me was Teresa Hunt, my personal photographer for shows I produce in Branson, Missouri," Garrett said in a statement to E! News.

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"As many news outlets have reported, the pictures were just harmless photos of the two of us after performances in my show," Garrett continues. "In fact, they weren't even Teresa's photos, they were taken from mine and Amy Duggar's Facebook pages. I'm satisfied that Teresa has taken responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty to the extortion charges and hope she gets the help she needs."

Hunt's sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 9th.

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