Mount Prospect Family of Musicians Uses Talent to Make Ends Meet During Pandemic

One Mount Prospect resident had to get creative when pandemic restrictions led to a 90% loss in income

When the pandemic shuttered performance spaces in Illinois, Mount Prospect musician Andrew Blendermann had to get creative to make extra cash.

“We love making music, we love sharing music. If we can’t do it in the same room with someone, we’re finding new ways,” Blendermann said.

The freelance musician and father of two lost 90% of his income because of performance cancellations.

He’s used to making a quarter of his income in December.

After some brainstorming, the Blendermann family decided to put their musical talents to use, creating “Blenderful Music” holiday phone greetings.

“I have a list of 10 favorites. I say they’re $3 dollars apiece because they’re the simple ones, and the ones I know that will work,” the musician said. “But for $5 dollars, you can pick your own.”

Their children, 14-year-old Adam and 11-year-old Samantha, join the parents at the piano to create personal holiday greetings that are left on voicemails.

They play and sing everything from holiday classics to “Happy Birthday.”

It may not replace steady income, but Shelly Blendermann explained why it’s become more than a paycheck.

“Being alone is hard. This time of year is hard,” she said. “Being able to be a reprieve from that is really, really great.”

Click here for more information about "Blenderful Music" and the Blendermann family.

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