Zambrano Breaks His Silence

Pitcher: "I would be a Cubbie forever"

Maligned Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano has reappeared, days after packing up his locker and hinting at retirement.

Zambrano spoke with the sports journalist David Kaplan for an interview to be aired on Monday evening on "Chicago Tribune Live" on Comcast Sportsnet.

Zambrano reportedly told Kaplan that he wants to remain a Cub and will be a Cubbie "for the rest of my life." He also apologized to the fans and the team and admits to saying he wanted to retire, although he says that should have been kept within the lockerroom.

The volatile pitcher was ejected from Friday's game versus the Braves for throwing at Chipper Jones. The team placed him on the 30-day Disqualified List, which means he's removed from the team's roster and doesn't receive his salary -- a more than $3 million hit to his wallet.

Zambrano reportedly says in the interview that he wasn't trying to hit Jones, but was only trying to brush him back.

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